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Pre-Purchase Used Car Inspection Kansas City

Mobile Mechanic Kansas City

What’s the point of a Pre-purchase Inspection

There are two basic points that illustrate why a having an inspection done prior to purchasing a vehicle is crucial.  The first is the peace of mind that you will get from having a second opinion on the vehicle’s health and whether it is worth the price is the seller is asking you to pay for it. The second is the time and money that can be saved by avoiding vehicles that are not as described and would be money pits and time consuming in terms of having to get repairs to them after already paying a much higher price than the vehicle you bought is actually worth. 

  • Peace of mind- Kansas City is a large town and having the peace of mind to have the best mobile mechanic local to the area diagnose and evaluate a vehicle prior to your purchase eliminates undue stress that would usually be subconsciously on you when traveling around KC or throughout other areas in Missouri and around the United States. 
  • Time and Money Saved- Let the time I save you give you time to go watch a Chiefs game, use the money saved to purchase a Patrick Mahomes jersey, who knows maybe you will be able to get it signed after the game? That’s just one idea though, it will be your extra time and income left over so you of course can use it to do whatever you like.

Hey, thanks for your interest in getting your new or used vehicle inspected, I'm contracting now with Lemon Squad and you can schedule an appointment through their website. We do all kinds of makes and models of cars including motorcycles and commercial vehicles as well. It's well worth it to know if the price of your car is worth it and what the possibility of repairs down the road might be in store. It's kinda like a genie in the bottle! All done on-site, with or without you being present, and includes a test drive.

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Mobile Mechanic Kansas City

Trust but verify

A possible question that may come up, could be: I trust the person or dealership in Kansas City, MO. selling me the vehicle why would I want a pre-purchase inspection done by a mobile mechanic even if you are the best?

Let me ask you a question in response: Would you trust a theme park like Worlds of Fun to just have up to date and properly maintained roller coasters such as the Prowler if they did not get this verified by outside inspectors to verify their compliance with passenger safety? 

Mobile Mechanic Kansas City

The logical answer to that question is no, and that is completely rational to trust someone or a business but still expect a verification to confirm that trust has be entrusted to them fairly. It’s the same thing when it comes to purchasing a vehicle, you may trust the person or dealership selling you the vehicle but should always call me to do an inspection before your purchase your vehicle. There are so many different possibilities that could still sink you even if the person or dealership is being honest such as: damage or issues they do not know about or even damage or issues they underestimate but these types of things are still a threat to your wallet and your overall guarantee of getting the vehicle you expect for the price that you are paying for it.

Are you looking to buy a used car in Kansas City? There are quite a number of private sellers as well as car dealers with a wide selection of cars. However, before committing your money to buy a used car, you should ensure that it is inspected. All the inspections that I will offer will be comprehensive and reliable. My commitment is to help you make the right decision when buying a car.

There is a great danger of buying a used car without inspection as you may end up with a faulty car. Even if you are mechanic-savvy, there are some things that you may miss out on. This is what you will need to engage a professional mechanic as they come with the right skills and experience. These are knowledgeable and experienced experts who know exactly what to look for. If you would want to protect your money, get in touch with me and order your pre-purchase used car inspection and I would be glad to help.

Never make the mistake of buying used cars before they are inspected. If the seller is hesitant to have the car inspected, maybe it is time to shop elsewhere. I am readily available to provide fast and efficient inspections.

Best Pre-purchase Inspection Service Kansas

Mobile Mechanic Kansas City

It is a given fact that not everyone can afford to buy a brand new car. This is why used cars are so many on the market and are a preferred choice due to their affordability. However, with the lower price, there are some risks that are involved. If you are a first-time buyer, emotions may get the best of you, and end up making the wrong decision. The purpose of a pre-purchase inspection is to test all the aspects of the car and determine its value. When you come to me, I will pay attention to the mechanical and safety features.

There are some car problems that can be concealed by the cosmetic appearance of the car. If you want to buy a vehicle in a different city, we can make arrangements for a mobile inspection. I have been working hard to develop and maintain a great relationship with all my clients. This has really paid off as most of my clients are repeat customers and referrals. Talk to a professional mechanic to have your choice vehicle inspected before making the payment. I am an honest and reliable mechanic and I will strive to give you the most accurate information.

What You Should Know About Pre-purchase Used Car Inspection

Mobile Mechanic Kansas CityGenerally, a pre-purchase inspection is a professional assessment of a motor vehicle by qualified mechanics. The objective is to be able to ascertain the mechanical, cosmetic, and safety state of the vehicle before closing the deal. This is commonly referred to as PPI and can only be done by certified automobile technicians. When choosing a mechanic for used car inspections, you should consider an expert who specializes in the specific model of your vehicle. When I perform PPIs, my intention is to help both the buyer and the seller be aware of all the existing conditions of the car.

Ultimately, the best position would be buying a car, with a clear understanding of all the repairs and vehicle maintenance that are needed. Used cars hardly come with a warranty and that is the main reason why you should have the vehicle inspected. There are potential risks like mechanical breakdowns and other alarming issues that you may not be aware of. Working with a certified mechanic is a sure way of knowing the true state of the vehicle before finalizing the process. You are welcome to my local auto repair for a PPI and I am also available for mobile inspection. Get in touch today and order a pre-purchase used vehicle inspection.

What Pre-purchase Inspection Entails

The saddest part about buying used cars is the fact that there is no standard type of pre-purchase inspection. As such this means that what you get depends on the mechanic that you hire. One of the key indicators to what you can expect is the cost of the inspection charged. When you come to me, I will detail out all that I am doing and all the services that I will offer. I am aware that even used cars will cost quite some money. As such, the intention is to carry out a detailed inspection and test all the critical components.

As a buyer, you will be responsible for paying for the PPI. With a basic inspection, you will get an overall check of the safety and mechanical issues. This will include a road test so as to determine how the vehicle feels and performs. For more comprehensive engine analysis, you may have to pay a little more but it is certainly worth every penny. A pre-purchase inspection will protect you from making a fatal mistake. Since the inspection is completed before the transaction is completed, you will have room to renegotiate the price of the vehicle.

Smart car sellers also order pre-purchase inspections so as to get the true value of the vehicle. Used cars may carry a whole range of surprises and to avoid them you should have the cars inspected. If the engine has major issues or the transmission is faulty, a regular car buyer may not be in a position to tell. With my experience, there are some things that I will check and reveal if there are grave concerns. In the inspection report, you will get an estimated cost of repairs that are required.

Mobile Mechanic Kansas City

Order Professional Pre-Purchase Inspections Now

I am a local mechanic and proud to offer professional pre-purchase used car inspection in Kansas City. Contact me and I will be happy to inspect the specific vehicle that you have identified for potential purchase. With such services, you will be able to make informed decisions about used cars before purchasing any. 

One simple call to me at 816-208-9517 and you can have the peace of mind mentioned earlier and know that the vehicle you purchase will be evaluated in your favor and you will only get a vehicle that meets the proper standards for the price its offered for and you will know everything necessary about that vehicle to make your best decision.